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Too much to ask, to provide non-territorial personal apostolic jurisdiction for Anglo-Catholics?

Here follows another example from NCCL’s ‘TOP SECRET’ archives.

For more on the subject of Anglo-Catholic reunion with the Holy See, visit this page on NCCL’s website.

Certainly, since the Pope has provided non-territorial personal jurisdiction for the tradition-minded Anglo-Catholics and Episcopalians, he could do so for those who share similar legitimate aspirations for tradition in the Latin church and in the Eastern Catholic churches, as well as for those Orthodox who are faithful to tradition.

January 21, 2004

Rev. Fr. Richard S. Bradford, Chaplain
Congregation of St. Athanasius
192 Foster Street
Brighton, MA 02135-4620

Reverend and dear Father Bradford,

Thank you very much for speaking last week. Please pardon the delay in writing. I enclose as promised the report on the canonical erection of the Personal Apostolic Administration of St. John Marie Vianney in Campos, Brazil.