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Letters to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos suggesting how Catholics should, as always, pray for the conversion of Jewish people

Some people simply cannot read. No matter that they know how to read. Even when they are intelligent, they’ve got to want to read, if they are going to begin to understand what someone else, who has written something, means by it.

That applies even to some bishops and certain cardinals. (more…)

Letter to His Eminence Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos President, Commission Ecclesia Dei, expressing concern about changing liturgical prayers for conversion of the Jews and asking instead for improved teaching

The reason for the following letter to Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos becomes self-evident when it is read.

Hundreds of collaborators co-signed the letter, which although it did not accomplish all that was hoped-for, nonetheless probably contributed to the eventual result, which was a change to the prayers to remove all possible reasonable misinterpretation of the prayers as offensive, while retaining elements of prayer for conversion. (more…)