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The Bishop conceded, finally

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But it did take some persuasion.

Here’s one example, composed for NCCL friends & collaborators. This letter is one example of hundreds written in collaboration with and for projects of the Coalition.

[The Bishop was hemming and hawing whether to allow a Priest from a neighboring diocese to celebrate Mass in Covington, Kentucky. One family finally had had enough of the indecision, and of waiting, like good canine Catholics, for sacred Crumbs to fall from the holy Table.]

February 29, 2008

The Most Rev. Roger J. Foys
Bishop of Covington
401 East 20th Street, 3rd Floor
Covington, KY 41014-1583

Most reverend and dear Bishop Foys,

of course you have a whole diocese of spiritual children for whom you must give your paternal attention, and by sheer dint of the numbers of faithful, probably have bigger fish to fry. We nonetheless must beg your kind attention. For no longer – especially with the Pope’s promise, by motu proprio, of readmittance to the Holy Table & Bread – can we endure the spiritual & sacramental fast of the past 40 years: an unusually long Lenten pilgrimage, anyone can agree. Please therefore, Excellency, hear our cri d’ coeur and be merciful to us, as all your children, though each undeserving of so great a spiritual gift.

To your predecessors, from 1984 until the end of Bishop Muench’s reign in 2002, Catholics commonly called traditional wrote repeatedly to request the Indults of Pope John Paul II, without so much as courtesy of reply, let alone accedence.

Three years ago last October 500 hundred of the faithful of Covington petitioned Your Excellency for the Pope’s Indult. Instead of replying to our legitimate request, months later you replied publicly to newspaper reports of groundbreaking at the sight in Walton for a chapel by Catholics associated with the Society of St. Pius X. Thus the Indult Mass.

You had also given permission for use of all the Sacraments in the 1962 forms, thereafter to retract it upon some consternation over a baptism.

Then, just two months before the motu proprio, the First Friday and First Saturday Masses at the Cathedral were cancelled, sans explanation.

Of course no one (among us) contends Your Excellency has not the power again, without explaining to anyone, to refuse an ‘extern’ priest [i.e., from an adjoining diocese – ed.] to serve holy Mass (of whatever usage) in the Diocese. But qui bono?

Yours sincerely in Christ,

[name & contact information withheld online]

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