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Doctor compassionates the imprisoned

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Here follows the latest exchange with the doctor [J.C.] who is writing to the prisoner’s main-care physician.

On 12/2/2011 4:44 PM, Dr. [J.C.S.] wrote:

Re: your offer to write on behalf of Douglas’ care in prison


Thanks for reading the letter and for your suggestions. I have updated the letter and will print them out on our groups letterhead. I will send a letter to both the prison and Dr. [xxx]’s office address as well as a CC to Superintendent David Pitkins. I will pray that the letter helps Douglas get the care he needs. Thanks for spear heading this.


On 12/2/2011 3:15 PM, Gregory P Lloyd wrote:

Dear Dr. S[…],

thank you for writing.

I believe the tone of your letter is matter of fact, and respectful. And certainly states clearly what is called for.

Only one thing seems to me remarkable apropos of your question.

There is a – sometimes – unfortunate ambiguity in the word “you” and “your” in our usage. That is, is it singular or plural?

It seems to me that the two sentences in which you write “you” and “your”, at the end of the letter, do not benefit from the ambiguity.

If on reflection you think so as well, then you might wish to re-phrase the first two sentences of the last paragraph thus, with the suggested changes in [brackets]:

“When Douglas gets out of prison next year [the medical care he received in prison] will be open to judgment by other physicians. I strongly suspect that [that] care would receive kinder judgment if Douglas had received a fitted back brace.”

If nothing else, it might take the blunt out of the whollop without losing any of its intended effect! Kind of like a brick in a soft, velvet cover.

With sincere gratitude for the charity which you show our mutual friend, I remain

Sincerely in the Long-Suffering Christ,

610/435-2634 tel
“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio

——– Original Message ——–
From: [JCS]
To: Gregory P Lloyd
Subject: Re:CORRECTION PLEASE! – HOLD THE PRESSES! — Re: your offer to write on behalf of Douglas’ care in prison
Date: Fri Dec 02 2011 14:54:32 GMT-0500 (EST)


Read my letter and give me your opinion if I need to tone it down.


December 2, 2011

[…], MD
SCI Laurel Highlands
5706 Glades Pike
P.O. Box 631
Somerset, PA 15501-0631

Dear Dr. […],

My name is Dr. [JCS] and I am an anesthesiologist at [… hospital] in Birmingham, Alabama which has a very active spine service. I have been corresponding with a patient of yours, Mr. Douglas [… inmate] #[…], since 1998 after he saw me on a national television show.

I was recently contacted by several of Douglas friends about the medical treatment he has been receiving in prison and specifically what medical options might be open to him when he gets out of prison next year.

I presented Mr. […]’s case to two orthopedic spine surgeons and a spine neurosurgeon. We are all in agreement that Douglas would be a very poor surgical candidate and would likely succumb to a post operative pulmonary event. What none of us can understand is why he has not been fitted with a back brace. A fitted back brace would very likely provide a significant reduction in his back pain and it would enable him to use the geri-chair. I am told that use of the geri-chair is required for Mr. […] to receive visitors once again. I have notified Mr. […] of our opinions.

When Douglas gets out of prison next year your medical care of him in prison will be open to judgment by other physicians. I strongly suspect that your care of him would receive kinder judgment if Douglas had received a fitted back brace. I am confident that you will do everything possible to provide the normal care Mr. […] needs in order again to receive visitors, which after all is only the humane & right thing to do.

Sincerely & respectfully,

[J. C. S.] MD
Anesthesiologist, [… hospital]
Birmingham, Alabama

cc: David Pitkins, Superintendent
SCI Laurel Highlands


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