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On the anniversary of Dr. William Marra’s transitus

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It was a fitting day to die for one so devoted to the Lady of the Americas whom this Apostle of Life loved with an undying love.

On December 12 in 1998, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, she called this loyal son to her Son.

Dr. Marra was an obedient son of holy Mother Church and of his natural parents, a faithful spouse, a devoted father, a dutiful, luminous teacher, an able colleague & reliable counselor, and always a loyal friend, especially to those in most need.

He is still sorely missed & mourned by his family & friends. And yet none of us need weep as those without hope. We hope surely that God has prepared a place in his homeland for those who have served him faithfully.

May the memory of this unflagging apostle of Truth and co-founder of the National Coalition apostolate be everlasting!

Everlasting memory!

Everlasting memory grant unto Thy servant, O Lord!

Everlasting memory grant unto They faithful servant, William, O Lord!

For those who wish to assist Bill Marra the Younger, NCCL President and eldest son of Dr. Marra, to collect & disseminate his father’s recorded legacy of teachings, please contact William Regis Marra via e-mail by clicking here.


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