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“Frodo Versus Robespierre” by Joseph Pearce – on a new independent film by Navis Pictures, The War of the Vendée

“If a thing is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing badly”, once said G. K. Chesterton. And now Joseph Pearce, about an astoundingly simple new independent film.

“This paradoxical witticism of Chesterton [continues Pearce] was on my mind as I sat down to watch The War of the Vendée, a new film about the forgotten martyrs of the French Revolution.” (more…)

Do you also love the ‘lost cause’? – This Brother in Christ explains the virtue in it.

“There are tears for things” … (Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangent. Aeneid, bk. i, Virgil)

And there are reasons for tears. Lots of reasons. Lots of tears, therefore. There shall always be, so long as there is time.

Which is also to say, until time stands still.

Then, it’s been and will be called (more…)

Rome is ‘occupied’

The following post, written in July of 2005, might have been written yesterday. (more…)