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Then-Father Ratzinger’s words on genuine reform

In case you hadn’t yet read the excerpts from a book by then-Father Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI — the excerpts were, after all, rather ‘buried’ in the post (of June 1, below), we re-post some of the more salient passages here, to entice you to read more in the post of June 1.

We emphasize these excerpts in the context of the Holy Father’s perseverance to reconcile the Holy See with the Society of St. Pius X, urging those Catholics who aspire to serve him loyally with the spirit of humble sons seeking wisdom to edify the members of the Church at large, to learn from what the Pope has been thinking for a long time, in order to be ready, should the opportunity arise, to communicate better to him how to draw on or from the (re)sources of tradition and put them to work for the salvation of souls today.

The Church now finds itself in a situation of Babylonian captivity, in which the ‘for’ and ‘against’ attitudes are not only tangled up in the oddest ways, but seem to allow scarcely any reconciliation.

Father Joseph Ratzinger on genuine reform

We post, without commentary for now, the following excerpts taken from THE RATZINGER READER (accessed 24 May 2012), doing so because we believe it optimal to study some of then-Father Ratzinger’s own words in order better to understood what he understood — and to some extent likely still understands — to be causes of the current crisis: which he calls a “crisis of faith”.