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Passing of a noble lady-soldier

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It is with deep regret & sorrow that we announce to friends of the NCCL apostolate the transitus Friday, July 20, of a steadfast fighter for Faith & Church, Mrs. Mary M. (Patchak) Schrader, R.N., of Timonium, Maryland.

Mrs. Schrader was 95 years old.

A short obituary appears on this webpage.

It was only late Monday afternoon that we learned of Mary’s death, just hours before her funeral in Baltimore the next morning (July 24).

Mary died on the feast of St. Elias, Prophet and Founder of the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. How fitting, given her life-long devotion to the renowned saints of that blessed Order, and still more to her serene namesake, the all-Immaculate & ever-Virgin Theotokos (God-bearing Mother) and Queen of Carmel.

Here follows a brief note of condolence that I wrote, as NCCL’s executive director, on the obituary page on behalf of the apostolate and Mary’s many friends in The Lord.

Permit me to say, which I dare only by Christian hope, that Mary is in “a better place now”. That’s because Mary, while yet with us, was already in a better place. She was a faithful daughter of Jesus Christ and holy Mother Church: her heart was a ‘small heaven’, for wherever Jesus is, there it is also heaven, as the Little Flower, St. Therese of Liseux, reminds us. Mary prayed without ceasing, as St. Paul called for. She bore her sufferings with patience, persevering to the end. Her charity covered a multidude of sins for others. How could Christ resist to dwell with and take to himself one who pled constantly with such devoted longing? Even so, let’s pray (as Mary would rightly demand of us) for the repose of soul of this gentle Lady. Eternal memory, oh Lord, grant unto Thy departed servant Mary! Da, Domine, ad tua quondam ancilla requiem aeternam!

Mrs. Schrader for many years made possible by her generous sacrifices & contributions of time, counsel and alms, many charitable acts of restorationand reparation — made by the NCCL apostolate.

Among her many personal, civic and ecclesiastical contributions Mrs. Schrader had also generously sponsored or supported more than a few efforts led by NCCL which soundly & roundly advanced restoration, even to the feet of the Holy Roman Pontiff. Perhaps when or if the still-confidential parts of the history of this humble apostolate are one day published, more Catholics will also feel the gratitude deserving to Mary Schrader. Suffice it now to say, her alms and other collaborations were instrumental in bringing numerous personal and collective appeals, petitions and plans for restoration & reform to the immediate attention of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI — with some very blessed concrete consequences.

Please pray fervently for the repose of the soul of this true, feminine Christian of faith, hope & charity.

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