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The passing of His Excellency, Bishop Roman Danylak – NCCL’s Episcopal Advisor

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It is with profound sorrow that the Directors & Friends of the National Coalition apostolate note the passing of His Lordship (Vladiko) Roman Danylak, former Eparch (Bishop) of Toronto for the Kievan (aka “Ukrainian”) Catholics.

Bishop Roman, who was born 29 December 1930, died October 7 in the year of Our Lord 2012.

His Excellency had graciously served as Episcopal Advisor to the NCCL apostolate since the late 1990s.

Bishop Roman will be remembered especially by many a Catholic parent for the fortitude and clarity of his teaching about authentic education & formation of Christian youth in faith & morals, and not least for never mincing words when it came to defending the purity of youngsters from the wiles of those who advocated classroom sex-education.

See this example on the NCCL website.

He shall be sorely missed by all his friends. And may the honesty of his life & faith in passing be an example of conversion also to his enemies.

Click here to read a short entry on the website of the Eparchy of Toronto.

With the souls of The Just who have reached their end, give repose, O Saviour, to the soul of Thy servant, Bishop Roman, keeping him in the blessedness of life in Thy presence for eternity!

The Divine Liturgy will be celebrated, according to the traditional custom, on the 40th day after death at St. Josaphat Cathedral, Toronto, on Thursday, November 15, at 7:00 p.m.

The Directors of the NCCL apostolate shall request the Divine Liturgy be celebrated for the repose of the soul of our bishop-teacher, courageous friend & guide, and ever-reliable advisor.

Eternal memory!

Eternal memory grant unto him, oh Lord!

Eternal memory grant unto Thy servant-bishop, Roman, oh Lord!


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