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“What does NCCL do, anyway?”

It’s a question on the mind of many a caller. Frankly, the apostolate handles issues and problems that no other group will even touch.

We’re small. We’re humble. We get results. The NCCL statement of purpose brochure lists the broad scope of the apostolate’s no-compromise action.

A concrete example? In pamphlet no. 2 (links below) you’ll read correspondence — conducted by NCCL at the request of collaborators — with a chancery and the Commission Ecclesia Dei in Rome.

(Yes, all the requests were finally (more…)

One laptop down, one scanner to go

Thanks to the charity of NCCL supporters, the struggling ex-con we wrote about (see post dated December 22) has received an used laptop computer in good condition.

Now all he needs to get his business off the cyber-ground is (more…)

In memory of Veronica C. Aronne, née Derewlanka

Upon learning of the death of this faithful matriarch & generous supporter of the NCCL apostolate for many years, the Executive Director signed the Aronne Family guestbook online with these words: (more…)

WANTED: used laptop computer for an indigent ex-con full of hope

In your charity, would you lend an hand to a severely disabled but spirited ex-con seeking to rebuild his life in Christ after serving 20 years reparation?

He’s got a GREAT idea for a start-up business, (more…)

Request traditional Masses from missionaries

Ever wished you could ask missionaries to offer traditional Masses for your loved ones – living & deceased – and for all your intentions?

You can. And it’s easy.

Operation Mission Stipends is (more…)

Got frequent flyer miles?

NCCL’s Executive Director needs them for international flights to bring him to mission-critical projects around the globe.

Friends of Good St. Nicholas (more…)

Helping Priests & Religious in trouble

For years, thanks to your generous support, the NCCL apostolate has assisted clerics who have been in trouble, most often running afoul of their superiors for reasons explained in the following letter. (more…)