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WANTED: used laptop computer for an indigent ex-con full of hope

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In your charity, would you lend an hand to a severely disabled but spirited ex-con seeking to rebuild his life in Christ after serving 20 years reparation?

He’s got a GREAT idea for a start-up business, has the know-how, technical experience and artistic talent to make a go of it. Needed now is only a laptop. He’ll provide the rest, which Christ — through you — gives him in hope.

In August, he left prison with only a shirt on his back. One. An hospital gown, actually. (And no trousers, because he’s bed ridden for over a decade.) He’s got positively nothing in property: even his wheelchair was stolen in the first weeks after he arrived home. But he is thankful for the best thing of all: living with his mother, who is very indigent, but rich in a mother’s Christian love.

They’ll get by. With a little help from their friends. (Some of them have been downright heroic in the material aid they’ve provided thus far. For example, one paid $1,975, another $1,000, and the ex-con’s indigent family & a few other friends chipped in for the remaining $525 to pay the ambulance to transport him 800 miles home.)

If you’ve got a laptop to give (and get a tax-deduction in return) reach the Executive Director at 610/435-2634, or lloydg@national-coalition.org.

Or, give alms online (via PayPal) directly from the NCCL website to help find this convert what he needs.


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