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It is 8:01pm in Rome. (An incomparable time in The Eternal City.)

We are all sede vacantists now. (more…)

Why has Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the Papal Throne?

One may always take a German at his word. For, like “Vulcans” (yes, of the kind depicted on Star Trek) they, too, “never bluff”.

That’s because like Vulcans, Germans are (more…)

Good John Blewett, requiescat in pace

It is with deep sadness that the Directors and Founders of NCCL have received word and now convey with profound respect the news of (more…)

Another ‘declassified’ operation from NCCL’s ‘TOP-SECRET archives’


“What does NCCL do, anyway?”

It’s a question on the mind of many a caller. Frankly, the apostolate handles issues and problems that no other group will even touch.

We’re small. We’re humble. We get results. The NCCL statement of purpose brochure lists the broad scope of the apostolate’s no-compromise action.

A concrete example?

In pamphlet no. 5 (links below) you’ll read correspondence — conducted by NCCL at the request of collaborators — with the Bishop of (more…)