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Good John Blewett, requiescat in pace

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It is with deep sadness that the Directors and Founders of NCCL have received word and now convey with profound respect the news of the death of loyal friend & ever-reliable Advisor, John W. Blewett of Santa Paula, California.

Words of tribute fail before so great and terrible a loss. By a lifetime of cooperation with God’s grace, John persevered to the end, having possessed his soul by the constancy of his patient, humble service to God in all he did, his heart beating with the steady strength of a lion-of-a-man in love — in Charity above all.

May John’s soul rest in peace!

Eternal memory!

Please, in your charity, pray an Ave for the gentle repose of the heart & soul of this faithful servant of Christ-God.

An obituary appears at this webpage.

NCCL’s Executive Director write a few words to the Family, in the online guestbook:

Dear Mrs. Blewett and Family, Susie and I & the Lloyd Children shall not forget Good John, foremost in our prayers. We are all the richer, the saner in Faith for having known him, having received from the abundance of his merits & goodness in Christ. My Dad was especially deeply saddened by the news of John’s transitus. We shall ask our missionary Priest-friends to remember John at the Altar.

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