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What has happened before, recently, when two popes were duly elected?

One remained silent.

Photo-commemoration of the 100th birthday, 20 May A.D. 1906, of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri of Genoa – THE DAUPHIN of Pope Pius XII

An history lesson about the Roman Papacy, and reform of the Roman Curia

With the express permission of The Lepanto Foundation, we post the following unabridged essay by the eminent historian, Prof. Roberto de Mattei, PhD.

Among the many questions the essay provokes is whether the Roman Curia has ever (more…)

A word of caution

The election of Pope Francis represents many firsts. (more…)

Beware the ides of March!

Some time ago, long before the election of Pope Francis, someone asked whether (more…)

Long live Pope Francis!

Please join the Directorate of the NCCL apostolate along with its friends and collaborators in praying the Te Deum in thanksgiving for the election of Pope Francis.

Deo gratias!

Tu es Petrus!

Long live Pope Francesco!

Is there anything one can promise Christ in return for a blessed outcome of the Conclave, and a resolution to the crisis of faith?

It’s 11pm in Rome, and the first ballot shows (more…)

Pray for the cardinals entering the conclave.

As of this writing (0200 hrs Eastern time, U.S.) the cardinals have, if on schedule, completed their move (more…)

A chilling ‘chance meeting’ with a cardinal on a cold Roman street today.

It is difficult even for a pope to change the priorities of a previous papacy after the death of a pope. One expects it will be that much harder when the previous pope (more…)

‘Til death do (its) part’.

It used to be that Peter was Peter until death did its part, just like the other kind of catholic marriage.

Since February 11 it’s not so clear.

“But this is far from the logic of the Church.
Peter must do only one thing: (more…)

Returning to the future.

Generally speaking of course, the Orthodox of the ‘old country’ do not care for (more…)