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Pray for the cardinals entering the conclave.

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As of this writing (0200 hrs Eastern time, U.S.) the cardinals have, if on schedule, completed their move into the Domus Sanctae Marthae inside The Vatican.

In just a couple hours the cardinals will pray the Missa pro eligendo Romano Pontifice, beginning at 1000 hrs Central European time (CET), the ‘time zone’ of Rome — The Eternal City.

At 1700 hrs CET enter the conclave will begin, with oaths of secrecy etc., to elect the next pope.

Let us pray fervently to God for their eminences, begging The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother & Teacher of the apostles gathered in the Upper Room, for the graces they need to be docile to the promptings of The Holy Ghost, ad edificationem Ecclesiae — unto the edification of the Church.

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