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Request traditional Masses from missionaries

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elevation_sacred_host_at_dawn_2nd_mass_9-20-2013Ever wished you could ask missionaries to offer traditional Masses for your loved ones – living & deceased – and for all your intentions?

You can. And it’s easy.

Operation Mission Stipends is an ongoing project of NCCL’s “Looking East”.

You can request Masses, enter your intentions, and submit your stipends all from one easy-to-use webform, by clicking here.

Or, click here to download a form which you can post directly to NCCL, 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119.

E-mail your questions to NCCL’s Executive Director at lloydg (at) national-coalition (dot) org .

Your generous donation to the missionaries will go a long way to help spread the Gospel and the Kingdom.

NCCL sends to them 100% of the stipends collected.

Some give by going. Others go by giving. You can help Catholic missionaries in far away East Africa and Eastern Europe by donating Mass stipends.

Missionary priests are like a ‘spiritual marine-corps’ – the few, the humble … who labor in the Mystical Body, the Church, at the forefront of the spiritual warfare. Missionary, not mercenary, they risk all for Christ, winning Him souls, asking nothing for themselves.

These courageous priests, known to NCCL for years, work daily under dangerous, life-threatening conditions, amidst Muslims and fervent anti-Catholics, offering their labors also for your salvation. Among the poorest of the poor, they lack stable, reliable income to support themselves, let alone the basic material needs for those who depend on them.

Your generous donation to them will go a long way to help spread the Gospel and the Kingdom. NCCL sends to them 100% of the stipends collected. In turn, the priests offer the Holy Sacrifice according to one of the traditional Catholic Liturgies (holy Mass in the Ethiopian/Ge’ez, Constantinopalitan, or Roman rites) “for the intentions of the giver” – e.g. your loved ones, living and deceased.

To send in your Mass intentions & stipends, submit this webform with a donation payable to NCCL.

You can submit the stipends via PayPal.com when you submit the webform. Mark your gift “Operation Mission Stipends”.

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