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Does His Eminence misinform His Holiness?

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The Vatican Press Office tells yesterday that Pope Francis has sent a letter to Cardinal Cupich of Chicago, and that he is praying for nonviolence.


Very evidently His Holiness is misinformed about the violence for which Chicago has become infamous in recent years. That violence: the murder of thousands of Black-Chicagoans by Black-Chicagoans: has nothing to do with the mis-information sent by His Eminence in Chicago.

Says the Pope: “Sadly, as you have told me, people of different ethnic, economic, and social backgrounds suffer discrimination, indifference, injustice, and violence today. We must reject this exclusion and isolation, and not think of any group as ‘others,’ but rather as our own brothers and sisters.”

Murdered Chicagoans these days are not excluded, rejected or murdered by others of different ethnic, economic, or social backgrounds, but by their next-door neighbors.

And their murders are prepared by state & municipal legislatures which legalize violent death by abortion, no-fault divorce, unbridled lust fueled by ‘no-consequence contraceptives’,  relativistic indoctrination in public schools, and (in general) unimpeded liberalism of mind in countless erstwhile-ennobling civil institutions.

It is not the first time Card. Cupich neglects, weakens, or marginalizes ecclesial life by making accommodations to civic-political and other dubious causes. He has a long-standing habit of conveniently using politicized rhetoric even to prevent Romans from praying holy Mass as they have in unbroken manner & form since at least Pope St. Gregory the Great.

Cupich – pronounced “soup-itch” – has, indeed, a real itch for soupy theology of the sort that leads little ones to sin.

Who shall prepare the millstones?

Pax Christi in REGNO Christi!

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