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Send them your virtual (if not exactly vital) support today!

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Thanks to bishops worldwide, almost to the man (a term used here lightly), images of clergy praying alone what was once Liturgical — viz., public prayer of the Church — are now ‘live-streamed’ to the faithful on earth, who remain otherwise ‘virtually’ locked-out of the sacred places.

Indeed, in many instances, the bishops have accomplished what no earthly power hitherto seems to have been able to achieve in the history of holy Church: they have effectively forbidden the faithful across the globe to adore the Undivided Trinity in spirit and truth.

Out of cowering fear, to boot.

Meanwhile, the same bishops steadily live-stream the clergys’ prayers for and requests to the lay faithful, asking their continued financial support of parochial- and diocesan-business as usual.

In response, would it be unreasonable for the faithful to live-stream their virtual donations to the bishops?

In that case, would it not behoove the lay faithful in this current trial to be as generous and courageous as those same hireling-shepherds?

If yes, then why not live-stream a virtual donation of ten or even an hundred million dollars to them today?

Alternately, you might wait to turn over the same donation to your bishop when he next visits you out of concern for your lost employment, or for the ruin of your small-business now threatened after the decades that it supported the parish & diocesan appeals. Or, when you are on your death bed in the hospital in need of the Last Anointing, when no one else will visit you there.

(Please do report any news of such visits by those caring shepherds. We wouldn’t want faithful in one or two dioceses of the world to be deprived of learning what their good shepherd is doing.)

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