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The Empire Strikes Back

empire_strikes_back_at_summorum pontificumIt’s all over … the news, that is.

Those opposing Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum, have taken a first, practical step to reverse the motu proprio.

And the sum of it is sheer hypocrisy at its Roman worst. One only wonders what took them so long. (more…)

Returning to the future.

Generally speaking of course, the Orthodox of the ‘old country’ do not care for (more…)

The plot thickens. The place not for chickens.

Before the last conclave, then-Cardinal Ratzinger was the one person in Rome whom (more…)

An apostolic administration is a permanent juridical person by definition perpetual, and thus its reason of being (tradition) would also be perpetual

Before the publication of the famous motu proprio Summorum Pontificum on 07/07/07, NCCL and colleagues foresaw the need for an apostolic administration, without which the motu proprio might more easily be rescinded under a future pontificate.

In a word, the difference is between ecclesial & liturgical reform, the latter being, alone, incapable of addressing the root causes of the current crisis and also an inadequate though necessary contribution to restoration.

In a word, Monsieur l’Abbé’s response was less than encouraging, as the follow-up letter from NCCL on June 21, 2007 indicates.

Perhaps when more clerics & laymen become more interested in being than doing we shall see the long hoped-for restoration? (more…)

A way to resolve the continued crisis in the Catholic Church in North America?

What really ails the members of the Catholic Church in North America? (more…)