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Universality, romanity and Giulio Andreotti: the passing of a bona fide Roman

It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing surely of one of the greatest Romans of our times. (more…)

Returning to the future.

Generally speaking of course, the Orthodox of the ‘old country’ do not care for (more…)

The plot thickens. The place not for chickens.

Before the last conclave, then-Cardinal Ratzinger was the one person in Rome whom (more…)

Лучше поздно, чем никогда. – Better (orthodox) late than never!

Here follows an astounding report (more…)

Quo vadis, Petre?

Giuseppe Cardinal Siri once gave a sermon (more…)

Why has Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the Papal Throne?

One may always take a German at his word. For, like “Vulcans” (yes, of the kind depicted on Star Trek) they, too, “never bluff”.

That’s because like Vulcans, Germans are (more…)

How not to lose sight of the goal

As the year commences, let us look back a moment in order to look ahead together in Christian hope. (more…)