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He has hours to live, unless God spares him by your prayers. Charlie Gard of London – July 7, 2017


Shocking news calls for the charity of your prayers

photo_fr_kenneth-walker_fssp_rip_6-12-2014Authorities in Phoenix, Arizona and the Fraternity of St. Peter report that a Priest of the Fraternity died this morning in hospital and another was being treated of serious injuries after police were called to investigate a burglary at Mater Misericordiae parish, only blocks from the State Capitol. (more…)

A word of caution

The election of Pope Francis represents many firsts. (more…)

Is there anything one can promise Christ in return for a blessed outcome of the Conclave, and a resolution to the crisis of faith?

It’s 11pm in Rome, and the first ballot shows (more…)

Pray for the cardinals entering the conclave.

As of this writing (0200 hrs Eastern time, U.S.) the cardinals have, if on schedule, completed their move (more…)

A chilling ‘chance meeting’ with a cardinal on a cold Roman street today.

It is difficult even for a pope to change the priorities of a previous papacy after the death of a pope. One expects it will be that much harder when the previous pope (more…)

‘Til death do (its) part’.

It used to be that Peter was Peter until death did its part, just like the other kind of catholic marriage.

Since February 11 it’s not so clear.

“But this is far from the logic of the Church.
Peter must do only one thing: (more…)

It is 8:01pm in Rome. (An incomparable time in The Eternal City.)

We are all sede vacantists now. (more…)

Why has Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the Papal Throne?

One may always take a German at his word. For, like “Vulcans” (yes, of the kind depicted on Star Trek) they, too, “never bluff”.

That’s because like Vulcans, Germans are (more…)

Good John Blewett, requiescat in pace

It is with deep sadness that the Directors and Founders of NCCL have received word and now convey with profound respect the news of (more…)