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Hardly unexpected, but hard to bear nonetheless

First the bad news. (more…)

Or this.

“We are not greater than our Fathers” … not, that is, at Le Barroux, near Avignon, where the Benedictine community founded forty years ago has flourished in strict observance of the Rule and in love of the ancient liturgical tradition of the Roman Church

Except for the gaff about “schism” and a few other unexplained or mischaracterized events — to be expected in telling decades of history in a few hundred words or less — it is a very moving and informative story.

How not to lose sight of the goal

As the year commences, let us look back a moment in order to look ahead together in Christian hope. (more…)

Talks of Society of St. Pius X and Holy See conducted on wrong basis

Here follows a letter from NCCL’s Executive Director summarizing (some) reasons that the talks between the Society of St. Pius X & the Holy See are being conducted on the wrong basis.

(Endnotes are numbered in the text [in brackets].)


Pope Benedict XVI grants ‘Personal Ordinariate’ for Anglo-Catholics in the U.S

On October 28, 2011 Pope Benedict announced (more…)

Another urgent letter to an Anglo-Catholic bishop seeking to inform about the Pope’s motu proprio, Anglicanorum coetibus

For ‘background’, see this post dated 30 April 2010 on the Reform of the Reformer blog, and this webpage.

The following correspondence was ‘declassified’ (more…)

Letter to an Anglo-Catholic bishop appealing for clear understanding of the Pope’s puzzling (to some) provision

The following correspondence (scroll below) was ‘declassified’ from the NCCL ‘TOP SECRET archives’ in January 2013.

For additional ‘background’, see this post dated 30 June 2010 on the Reform of the Reformer blog, and this webpage.


The Pope’s motu proprio, Anglicanorum coetibus is an event of historical proportions, something altogether unprecedented in the history of the Church. Since the Protestant revolt of the 1500s no other grouping (more…)

Letter to Avery Cardinal Dulles appealing to redimension ideas – his & the Pope’s – about reconciling the Society of St. Pius X

The following missive met and made its mark, as the reply from His Eminence indicated. The pen is mighty, swords notwithstanding, as St. Ignatius might have known.

Plea to the Holy See of Rome from ‘Second-Class’ Catholics hurt by representation of some French, German and Belgian bishops

The following “Plea” appeared on NCCL’s website, and was delivered to the Holy Father with many letters from collaborators. (more…)

Reply to insubordination of French Bishops objecting to canonical erection of the Institute of the Good Shepherd & the pending, ‘rumored’ motu proprio

The following text, composed by an Eastern Prelate, was delivered (with the aid of NCCL) to some ‘big wigs’ in Rome, with a request that it be shared with their ‘Boss’. (more…)