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What’s going on here

It’s a question on the mind of many a caller to NCCL, looking for help in the current crisis.

“What does NCCL do, anyway?”

It reminds of an amusing story one of the apostolate’s co-founders, Dr. William (more…)

Sermon of St. Pope Gregory the Great on the Mystery of the Resurrection

Given to the People in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on the Holy Day of the Resurrection

1. It has been my custom, beloved brethren, to speak to you on many of (more…)

An American saint’s plea for uncommonly American intolerance

Does America suffer from tolerance, or intolerance? From an abundance, or from a depravity?

Click here to find out.

What has happened before, recently, when two popes were duly elected?

One remained silent.

Photo-commemoration of the 100th birthday, 20 May A.D. 1906, of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri of Genoa – THE DAUPHIN of Pope Pius XII