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Do you seriously doubt it is coming to this, here, also?

photo Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

Bl. Franz Jägerstätter (1907-1943)

Layman and martyr

Franz Jägerstätter was born on 20 May 1907 in St Radegund, Upper Austria, to his unmarried mother, Rosalia Huber, and to Franz Bachmeier, who was killed during World War I. After the death of his natural father, Rosalia married Heinrich Jägerstätter, who adopted Franz and gave the boy his surname of Jägerstätter in 1917. (more…)

One laptop down, one scanner to go

Thanks to the charity of NCCL supporters, the struggling ex-con we wrote about (see post dated December 22) has received an used laptop computer in good condition.

Now all he needs to get his business off the cyber-ground is (more…)

WANTED: used laptop computer for an indigent ex-con full of hope

In your charity, would you lend an hand to a severely disabled but spirited ex-con seeking to rebuild his life in Christ after serving 20 years reparation?

He’s got a GREAT idea for a start-up business, (more…)

Helping Priests & Religious in trouble

For years, thanks to your generous support, the NCCL apostolate has assisted clerics who have been in trouble, most often running afoul of their superiors for reasons explained in the following letter. (more…)

Mercy for the convicted?

Here follows an e-exchange with a Deacon and a Doctor over the treatment of a prisoner with ALS (so-called ‘Lou Gehrig Disease’).

Pope to prisoners: “I was in prison and you visited me.”

Christ identifies Himself with prisoners. He was not only once a prisoner, at his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemani. He is a prisoner to this day: imprisoned sacramentally by a Divine Love that yearns to be visited in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and spiritually also, in the souls of those who suffer, especially unjustly or needlessly, in prisons of various sorts: not least the prison of sin in the heart.

Here is what the Holy Father has to say about justice and mercy.

Doctor compassionates the imprisoned

Here follows the latest exchange with the doctor [J.C.] who is writing to the prisoner’s main-care physician. (more…)

Letters to a captive

Here follows a recent missive from the Executive Director to an old friend serving out the last months of a 20 year sentence. (more…)

But Lord, when did we see you in prison?

It is one of the most heart-rending of the repeated prayers of the Eastern Roman Liturgy. (more…)

A break into prison

When a group of legislators in the Pennsylvania State Assembly heard testimony read from the following letter, a small group of them descended on the State Correctional Institution in Somerset.

According to inmates, no one there had ever experienced anything quite like it before. (more…)